Cold  Slaw

Chicken Kabobs


Hot  Hors d' oeuvres

Menu Items

Stuffed Mushrooms

Crab cakes

Fruit  Salad

Mini Quiche

Fruit  Skewers

Turkey Wraps

Veggie Pizza

Fruit  and Cheese Trays

Turkey and Ham with cheese

roll ups

Mac 'n Cheese Balls

Pasta  Salad

Meat and Cheese Tray

Egg rolls

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Devil Eggs

Mini Beef  Smokers

Menu items - Hors d' oeuvres

Smoked  Salmon

Shrimp  Scampi

Tossed  Salad

Potato  Salad

Meat  Skewers

Cold  Hors d' oeuvres

Bacon wrapped Scallops

Wing Dings

Caprese  Skewers

Caprese  Skewers

Fruit  Skewers

Crab  Salad